The best hour to trade on forex

December 18th, 2012|

Yes, I know, a site of wise father style investment and Piotroski method, which speaks of Forex, it seems absurd. In fact, the idea is to be open to interesting researches and see if we can get something for our value investments.

DailyFX site has published a study in early 2012, which I will elaborate on freely, about the influence […]

Predicting bourse trends from Twitter moods

December 15th, 2012|

The subject dates from 2010 and was published on Rue89, but rnews

Even the world, PCWorld lesechos or resumed in the new choir, as usual by copying and pasting the information from the AFP without actually reading the study .. (sunny days are better too)


To help you understand, here are the key quotes

Between February and December 2008, three researchers from […]

Why it’s the good time to invest in hi techs

February 19th, 2009|

I have found this article on a blog and totally agree with it.
As a mobile expert, I feel the Mobile revolution is going to burst in the next few years, and it’s time to invest on a global mobile billing system, as well as other mobile components…

Question: what’s the best way to get through an economic downturn? Answer: reduce […]